Long time no update!

Although the collegiate season has come to an end, my season here is still going strong (sorta).

Niv and Ran (the two founding and strongest members of the Israel Go Pro team) have left for Europe to Race for the Chint Autronic  and the UCI team respectively, living the life of budding pro cyclists and leaving me here to finish up my season.

However, without their support and help, it is quite tough to make it to races. I did make it to one race in Charish though, which proved to be an absolute sufferfest involving me breaking the 1200 Watt mark in the third lap to chase (read: sprint) back on and eventually bonk as if I had slammed into a concrete wall. The course was fast and I ended up riding with a female member off the Israeli national team for the rest of the race…

about to get dropped hard...


As we were getting lapped a bunch of laps later, a crash occurred, felling the other IGP member in the race due to a sketchy turn made by another rider. As I had already been lapped, my priorities were with him so I collected his gear and dumped out my “suitcase of courage” (@phil liggett) into my “pain cave” . This attempted charge back to the peloton ended after a short lap as his hands were too cut up to continue. The race ended in a small sprint between some other rides that somehow ended up with me in the end (I don’t even remember what happened… too tired).


The last few weeks have been interesting after coming back after some time off due to some small injuries. I’ve been riding a bit with Steve H. (the-kid-all-UVM-cyclists-want-to-murder.blogspot.com) and some local friends of mine since then, doing some great climbs and long training days in interesting parts of Israel. It never ceases to amaze me how magnificent this country is and how amazingly friendly the cycling community has become here. I really cant describe it on my own, just come here and go for a ride in latrun on a saturday morning and you will see what I am talking about!

Next up, trying to find a ride to race on wednesday for criterium shavuot, a 3k windy crit, which should be fun and interesting.


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